This page is a collection of personal experience narratives, "War Stories", of some of the soldiers who served in the 3/4 Cavalry in Vietnam. If you have a personal experience narrative to submit please contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A Troop: A Troop's Collection of Stories (1965-1970)
D Troop: D Troop's Collection of Stories (1966-1972)
Individual Stories:
Art Bonevich - USNS Sultan Runs Aground (Jan 16, 1966)
General Otis - Letter to the Troops (Jun 4, 1968)
Richard Fleming - A Night Outside the Wire (HHT, 65/66)
Roger McGill - 1st Days at Cu Chi (HHT, 65/66)
Roger McGill - 3/4 Cav Duty on Hwy #1 South of Cu Chi (HHT, 65/66)
Roger McGill - How I Came Home From Vietnam (HHT, 65/66)
Roger McGill - Illikai East (HHT, 65/66)
Roger McGill - Not a Good Day for SGT Nelson (HHT, 65/66)
Roger McGill - Saigon to Cu Chi (HHT, 65/66)
Roger McGill - The USS General Weigel: Hawaii to Okinawa (HHT, 65/66)
Roger McGill - The USNS LST Westchester County 1157 (HHT, 65/66)
Skip Davis - Hoc Mon Feb 1968 (B Trp 3/17 Air Cav)